Black and White Linden plus NEW SERGER

Being warm and comfortable is one of my top priorities. Thus I needed the Linden Sweatshirt by Grainline Studios in my life.


I picked up the pattern while I was at the Sewcial Lounge picking up some thread. I got the black and white knit and a black rib from JoAnn’s later that night. This is definitely the most glamorous sweatshirt I own.


I shortened the arms and the torso by 1/2 inch. I also cut a 0 at the shoulders and graded out to a size 4 at the hips. I kept the sleeves at a size 0.


I followed the split hem tutorial from Grainline. I think this adds a nice level of interest to the sweatshirt.

I cut all the fabric out but I didn’t sew it right away because I wanted to wait until after Christmas because I had an inkling that I was getting a serger.


It is beautiful and I’m in love. Threading the serger the first time was a huge pain. The weirdest part is so far is sewing seams without pinning the seams. I still pin a fair amount of curved/ stretched seams or to match stripes and I don’t think pinning is ever truly going away.


Back to the sewing-

When I tried on the linden before adding the ribbing I realized that the sleeves were going to be way too long. I shortened them by an additional 1 1/2″.

Other than that there isn’t much to say – I serged all the seams. I only used pins on the neckband and on the hem. This came together seriously fast – as in 2 hours and it was my first time using the serger. It is also so comfortable that I wore it two days in a row right after I finished it.


Today in Madison, WI it is 1 degree (but feels like -18) so my friend and I went to the Olbrich Botanical Gardens to hang out in the warm tropical greenhouse and also take pictures. It was such a great idea because it was so warm and also there are alive plants. It was refreshing to see so many different shades of green!


Chambray Dot Archer

I just finished my second Grainline Archer Button up. The first one was my flannel Archer which I finished just one week before jumping right in to my second one. Part of the reason was that I had done all the prep work of assembling the pattern and making the muslin so I wanted to do a second one right away since I had already invested all the time in perfecting my pattern.


This time I didn’t have to match plaids so the cutting went much faster. It probably would have made sense to do this one first but thats not what I did… Even though I had just made this shirt I ran into completely different challenges this time around. For some reason the collar on the flannel shirt went off without a hitch. This time the fabric was more slippery and one side of the collar got twisted when I sewed it and the other side also slide down so the top of the button band was all the way to the seam line. I had to redo both sides but it was a good learning experience.


Also- How pretty is this shirt when the light shines through it? I love it!


I used the same modifications as I did for the flannel. I also flat felled the seams on this one. I didn’t do anything fancy for flat felling the sleeve cap seams this time and it still worked out.


Next time I make an Archer I think I’ll try snaps instead of buttons mostly because I want to try out inserting snaps. There are some pretty good tutorials out there about inserting snaps but I’d still be nervous since about messing up the placement since it is much more difficult to move a snap than to move a button.


Also – iPhoto thought that all of these little dots were faces which I think is HILARIOUS. Maybe I should name them???

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 12.19.57 AM