Gingham Alder Shirt Variation


I bought this gingham fabric on a whim with no real plan for what I wanted to make. At first I thought about a scout tee but I ended up deciding on the alder shirtdress pattern but with a shirt variation. Luckily right after settling on that idea Jen came out with tutorial on how to alter the pattern for a shirt variation!


Construction was very similar to the alder dress. I used version  A (the one without the A-line skirt). The lack of gathering helped this come together fairly quickly. I think I’ll try adding back a 1/2 inch to the length of the shirt since it feels just a tad short on me.


I wore this shirt on a recent trip to Hawaii and it was perfect. The A-line top ended up being the ideal combination of breezy and summery while still being classy. I love this summery top and I’m hoping to wear it as much as possible for what is left of the summer. I also think this would work well in the fall with a cardigan.


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