Flannel Archer Popover


A couple of weeks ago I went apple picking in my new Grainline Studio Archer popover. Fall is made for flannel and the popover is even more easy to throw on than the full button up because fewer buttons. I was determined to wear this great fall staple apple picking since it seemed like such a perfect fit. Unfortunately it ended up being an unseasonably warm and humid day but I wore it anyway and was uncomfortable the whole time.


I picked up this fabric one day while I was at JoAnns. I wasn’t there looking for fabric but this was perfect for what I had in mind for this pattern so I got it on a whim. This fabric was a huge pain to work with. I had similar issues to having the stripes get off grain and I’m starting to think all plaid flannels are a huge pain since I had a similar issue with my other flannel archer. I was anticipating issues so as soon as it was done in the dryer I laid the fabric out on my living room floor and tried to straighten everything out. Then one of my cats had a hairball right in the middle of this nice clean white fabric so I had to re-wash and start over. You can still see the stain a little teeny bit but it is covered by my hair in this picture and I’m clearly not concerned.


The only difference between this shirt and the standard button up are the plackets. The sleeve placket is also different than the standard shirt and I definitely like the look of the tower placket on the sleeve. It might be a little more formal looking than a flannel shirt requires but it also feels a little more sturdy than the typical placket which I think really suits this shirt.


I had never sewn this type of placket before and I definitely enjoyed learning a new construction. The piece near the bottom of the placket when you go from sewing through all of the layers of fabric to only sewing through the top part I’m still a little unsure on but I definitely improved after doing this for the front and sleeve plackets. If I do this again I’m definitely going to sew the sleeve plackets first to get a little more practice in before sewing the front placket.

Also – here are some photos of the apple farm because it was just so cute:


5 thoughts on “Flannel Archer Popover

  1. Beautiful work.The little bit of sewing that I’ve done helps me to appreciate the challenges you overcome.I’m proud of you.Ă¿godonnell


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