Lakeside Pajamas

A couple of weeks ago there was a sale on Grainline Studio patterns on Spoonflower and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try Spoonflower. Since I already own a good number of Grainline patterns and have to make adjustments for my short pear shaped body I decided the lakeside pajamas would be the best pattern to try.


If you aren’t familiar with Spoonflower, they are a company where you can get your pattern printed directly on to fabric. You don’t have to deal with printing a PDF pattern, cutting it out, tracing the correct size and then transferring the pattern to fabric and making sure everything is on grain. Also Spoonflower is based out of Durham, NC which is right next to my hometown of Raleigh so I’m super pumped to support them.


Since you can order the shirt and shorts separately I was able to order a size two top and a size 6 shorts. Since there is no real waist definition, not shortening the pattern didn’t make a huge difference. I pre-washed the fabric right after I got it, as per the Spoonflower directions. Cutting out the pattern was so easy. There was plenty of fabric to create enough bias tape which you need for binding pretty much every edge of this pattern.


I had a hard time getting my serger to work with this fabric. No matter what I tried it still ended up with little tucks and gathers which I think might be due to the feed dogs being too intense for the delicate fabric. I ended up going with french seams/ faux French seams for everything that wasn’t bias bound. The faux french seams are actually more time consuming than French seams.


The whole bottom edge of the shirt is bias bound along with the top edge of the shirt and the arms/straps of the top and the bottom of the shorts. This fabric was pretty difficult to work with since it didn’t press super well and was slightly slippery.


It took a while to pin the small strip of bias binding all the way along the bottom edge of the shirt. I started sewing it in place when my boyfriend asked if I wanted to make breakfast. Since I didn’t want to rush through sewing on practically all of my bias binding I l left the shirt hanging off of my sewing table with all the pins in it. I made breakfast with my boyfriend (egg and cheese bagels with coffee). I was almost done eating my bagel when I look over to my sewing machine and Tara, my cat, is sitting by my shirt pulling the carefully placed pins out of my shirt with her mouth and placing them on the ground. I obviously was the most concerned that she might have swallowed a pin but she didn’t thankfully. I then carefully re-pinned the 20 or so pins that Tara had removed and sewed up the bottom bias binding before returning to my cold egg and cheese bagel.


If I make these PJs again I think I’d probably go up a size in the shorts because I prefer looser sleep shorts and I’d also take a half inch out of the arm straps since they are just a tad long on me.



2 thoughts on “Lakeside Pajamas

  1. The image of your cat carefully pulling out your pins literally made me laugh out loud…mostly because I can see my cat pulling a similar move 😉
    Also… what up fellow Tar Heel! (born and raised in Chapel Hill!!)


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