Seamly Wrapped Cardigan

I had been admiring the Seamly Wrapped Cardigan for a while and when it went on sale on IndieSew a couple of weeks ago I grabbed it. I love the cardigan version of the lark tee that I made a while back and this is a beefed up version of that.


I got this amazingly soft fabric from ImagineGnats. In my mind I had imagined the diagonals could both point towards the center but no matter how I flipped the pattern piece that just is not how cutting out fabric works. I ended up just going with it and I actually really like how it came out. The diagonals aren’t pronounced enough to really even notice the direction.


I finished this up with two days before my trip to New York for Camp Workroom Social and this was the perfect airplane attire. I felt like I was wearing a blanket plus I loved having the hidden pockets to shove my phone/boarding pass in when I needed my hands free to stow my stuff. I also have a snuggie that I wear in my office and I’m hoping that this cardigan can replace my 5 year old office snuggie (or at least be something I can wear in meetings).


I really like how this version came out and I also think this is a great pattern to make for other people since you don’t need a close fit.


2 thoughts on “Seamly Wrapped Cardigan

    • I love the new cardigan! I wear it all the time. One of my friends admired it yesterday. She told me you should make a lot of these and sell them.


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