Black Diamond Rayon Hudson Pants

IMG_4950I’ve been wanting to find/ make a pair of black and white pants out of a woven material that would be super easy to travel in. In February I went to Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia in February and it seemed like the perfect time to finally make these pants I’ve been wanting for years! Ladies need to have their legs covered in a lot of temples especially in Cambodia and Thailand so I knew these would be very useful.


I used a rayon because it is breathable and because the fabric if lightweight which is good for tropical climates and for packing purposes. I had this fabric for a while from Stonemountain & Daughter fabrics. I’ve been holding on to it but I didn’t really know what to do with it. I originally had thought of making a dress but it ended up being the perfect choice for these pants.


The pattern is the True Bias Hudson pants. The pattern is originally meant for knits but I followed the tutorial to make these out of a woven. I went up three sizes which ended up being way too large. I ended up taking in the legs quite a bit because they were so big. However, I already put the waistband on and it took a couple of passes to make sure all of the fabric was caught so I did not want to unpick/ redo the waistband. I ended up taking the pants in quite a bit at the ankles and tapering up to the original size at the hips.


On my trip I wore these multiple days in a row to go to temples or just to get breakfast in. My favorite combo was these pants with this yet to be blogged Lark tee.



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