True Bias Sutton Blouse


This pattern is the Sutton Blouse by True Bias. The fabric is SILK from Fancy Tiger Crafts.

This project is probably my longest ever in process make. I originally started by making a muslin in June of 2016 and didn’t end up finishing the final version until March of 2017… and I’m blogging it in July of 2017… There aren’t that many steps to this but I just couldn’t work myself up to actually making the shirt for quite a while. In part I think I was not that excited to work with silk and I also wasn’t entirely convinced that the shape is flattering on me.  The shirt is very boxy by nature and since my shoulders are much slimmer than my hips the boxiness kind of takes over.


I love the box pleat in the back – its just so pretty. I also love the kimono sleeves. It also looks awesome with the super shiny silk. This fabric is so light weight and floaty. It is just so nice to wear. Unfortunately the super shininess of the fabric also makes wrinkles extremely obvious. This was my first project working with silk and I took my time to stay stitch the neckline and french seam all of the seams except the side seams which you can’t use french seams on because of the split hem. Instead I serged those seams.


Also – look at that split hem! So good! I’m a sucker for a split hem.

For the pattern adjustments I stuck to my usual – I shortened the pattern a bit and I also graded out since I’m a pear shape. I think in this case I may have shortened it a bit too much. The boxiness in combination with where the shirt hits on my body is not necessarily flattering (though I guess wearing it with something other than leggings could help).


Next time I’d probably lengthen both the front and the back just a tad. I’d also work on contoring the neck line a bit more to reduce the gaping at the neckline. I also think I’d use a fabric that is a bit more forgiving than this silk. I think with those couple of slight changes I will really love my next version! In the mean time I’ll be trying to figure out how to wear this light weight floaty shirt for the rest of summer!

One thought on “True Bias Sutton Blouse

  1. I love your silk top! I made a couple of silk cami styles to wear over the summer that I love but I also completely destroyed one by messing up the dart (note: don’t ever try to do a french dart – the cut out sort – in a slippery silk!) and I was broken hearted honestly. I adored this silk – it was like rust coloured running water as it slid across your arm – and had taken incredible pains to cut it out. It threatend to derail me from silk forever but not likely 🙂 I learned a hard lesson!


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