Little Triangle Willow Tank


I made this Willow Tank by Grainline Studio out of a voile fabric that I got from the Imagine Gnats shop. I used my typical adjustments that I make for all Grainline Studio patterns of grading to a larger size at the hips and shortening by two inches. However, I really don’t think I needed to grade out  to a larger size. It looks like there was enough built in ease in the style that I did not need additional ease for fit. Recently I feel like I’ve made this same mistake several times – one day I’m going to learn to look at the finished garment measurements and know how much ease I actually need for different types of garments so I can determine whether I actually need to grade out.


Next time will not grade out and I also would move the bust darts up a bit. As you can see they hit lower than my actual bust.


Other than that, I really like this tank for summer. It hangs away from the body and is pretty light weight. Part of the reason I wanted to make this project is because I had never worked with voile before so I wanted to get a better idea of what it is. It is slightly see through – you can definitely see where my jeans waistband is. However, it is super easy to work with. This particular fabric was not super soft but it also does not wrinkle as easily. Also, when I cut the pattern out the triangle print was slightly off grain which was so frustrating. I ended up deciding it was more important for the triangles to be parallel to the ground than for the grainline to line up. It would have bothered me so much to have the triangles slightly at an angle.


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