Santa Fe Dress hack!


This is my first time making a Hey June pattern. This is the Santa Fe Top lengthened to be a dress. I feel like I’ve seen tons of swingy tank-dresses this summer and they always look cute and stylish but also seemed like they would be super comfortable. I used view B of the pattern and lengthened it by 11 inches.


I love the way it turned out! It ended up being the perfect dress to be able to throw on and have it look cute but still be super comfortable. I also think the seams in the center front and back add a bit of visual interest to this otherwise very simple dress. I’d definitely make this pattern again and there are so many variations so it is a very versitile pattern.


Overall, I think this was a super fun and quick project to put together. I struggled a bit with the neckline binding – you can see that around the neckline does lay quite right. I’m not sure if that is due to the stretchiness/ lack of stretchiness of my fabric or how to prevent that in the future. I’d also used used my normal sewing machine with a straight stitch for the hem and I’d probably go for the coverstitch machine next time around. The instructions had you just use a straight stitch so I was hoping I could get away with not having to thread my coverstitch machine but next time around I think it would be worth it just to get a little bit smoother of a hem.

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