Cropped Willow Dot Tank


This is my second version of the Grainline Studio Willow tank. My first version was made from a voile and was a non-cropped length, and I really like both versions. For this version I used dotted chambray from Robert Kaufman. I love this fabric and I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of this tank.


For this version I raised my bust darts a bit but I think they could be raised just a bit more. I also followed the Grainline tutorial on making a cropped version of the willow tank. I love the cropped length! I think it is so cute.


In addition to raising the bust darts a bit more on my next version I also might try a slight sway back adjustment. It really doesn’t bother me at all but the back is not laying quite right. I don’t think it will make too much of a difference because  the tank is already cropped but I do think it will help.


I’m also wearing my high waisted Ginger Jeans. I really like this combination but I honestly don’t know if I have a lot of other bottoms that would work well with this tank. Most of my other jeans are low rise. I could definitely wear this with a high waisted skirt, but a lot of my high waisted skirts not the right shape. Since the tank is pretty boxy I would want the skirt to add some shape.

4 thoughts on “Cropped Willow Dot Tank

  1. Love your Willow – I’ve been eyeing this pattern very seriously just haven’t made the jump yet but yours in nudging me closer! I found with the Scout Tee I had to make so many adjustments it was getting kind of silly but it didn’t come with darts which the Willow does. For the Scout I added fish-eye darts to the back to add some shaping which might work well on yours as well to bring in the back a bit and add a bit of shaping back there as well 🙂


    • Fish-eye darts would definitely help! The hem is pretty big though so I’d be nervous that it would be too bulky or make the tank hang weirdly away from my back especially with this fabric but I’d definitely try it with a lighter weight fabric!


  2. […] If I’m being honest, I don’t remember much about making this shirt because I finished it in April of 2017 and I didn’t take good notes. These photos are also not super recent – currently Wisconsin does not look like this outside. However, I can tell you that I absolutely love this shirt. I used the Deer and Doe Melilot pattern. I really loved working with this chambray dot fabric (so much so that I immediately made a Willow tank with the leftover fabric). […]


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