Orange Harriet

What more can I say about the Cloth Habit Harriet Bra that I haven’t already said? This is my sixth Harriet (two originals from Camp plus the trio that I just blogged about a couple of weeks back) and if I’m being honest it isn’t even my most recent one… so you have at least one more blog post to look forward to with this same pattern.


This one actually may be my favorite one though! This lace just really speaks to me and I loved every second of working with it. It is just so beautiful and delicate but also a interesting color. This is yet another kit from the Tailor Made Shop.


I really like this lace – its definitely more fun than the other bras I’ve made so far. The orange elastic adds a bit more fun quirk to this bra. Eventually I might try dying notions so that everything actually matches but for now I’ve been loving the contrasting elastic and straps.


On past bras I’ve struggled with the lace and lining shifting around and not lining up. On this one I basted the lace to the lining with spray glue after attaching all of the pieces of the cup so that everything stayed lined up. Things were still a little shifty but it definitely helped a lot.


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