Winslow Culottes

Up until now I had made every pattern that Helen’s Closet has released except the Winslow Culottes. I was hesitant to make culottes at all because they are super trendy and I like to stick to more classic styles. I also was hesitant to make them because I just don’t think they are very flattering. I’m a pear shape but also pretty short. Due to the length they make my legs look shorter and there is just SOO much fabric around the hips. For these blog photos I decided to pair the culottes with my nettie body suit which has bold horizontal stripe in order to draw more attention to my upper body/ seem more balanced.


To be quite honest, it is still way too cold in Wisconsin to wear these outside. However, it is SUPER FUN to wear these! they are just so big and swishy but you don’t have to worry about flashing people. I’m not sure at this point how much I’ll actually wear them but I think once it warms up a bit I’ll wear them more often.


I mean – just look at all of that fabric! The good news about this pattern is really the only measurement that matters is the waist measurement and there aren’t that many fitting issues that could come up.


This fabric is tencel twill from the Blackbird Fabrics shop. I originally was planning on making the knee length version of the culottes again because I think this length isn’t great on me but I had enough fabric that I decided to just make the longer version since I can always hem them again if I decide I don’t like this length. I’ll probably wait a few months to see how much I actually wear them at this length and then make a decision. What do you think? Should I chop these off and make them knee length?

3 thoughts on “Winslow Culottes

  1. I like the length. Of course, this is my favorite silhouette for me (narrow waist, long, flowing “skirt”) so my opinion might be biased. Maybe take it up an inch or so, but keep it longer than knee length??

    Love the pleats.


  2. I love that you decided to try these! I think they look great on you as is, but I am biased for obvious reasons 🙂 I agree that Winslows are way too much fun to swish around in!


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