Leather Cross Strap Slide Sandals

I made a second pair of sandals! I actually started this pair before my other pair but I got a little distracted. I was mostly distracted with trying to figure out the best way to finish the edges of the leather and finding the right tool for that so I put these on hold for a bit but they are finally done!


These are entirely made out of stuff I had laying around my shoe repair shop. I’m pretty sure the straps are veg-tan leather and the insole, sole and heel block are made out of a leather sole bend. I added a sole saver and heel top lift to make them last. However, the double layer of leather sole makes these not very flexible. I’m hoping that they will get broken in with wear but for now they are a bit stiff to actually walk in.


Next time I’ll definitely use something thinner for the insole and probably the sole as well. I’m pretty happy that they stay on my feet and are fairly comfortable just standing around but they aren’t very comfortable when you are actually walking around which is pretty important.


To finish the edges of the straps I ended up beveling them with an Edge Beveler in size 2 and then I used some leather lotion and a hand held burnishing tool similar to this one. It took a little bit of practice and the edges are a bit uneven in places but I’m really happy with how they came out in the end.


They are also just a little bit uneven but its not too noticeable. The soles are actually the exact same footprint but where the straps hit are slightly off. I finalized my strap placement before I finished the shoe outline and I think if I do it the other way around I’ll get a more consistent result. Once again I learned a ton and I’m excited to apply what I’ve learned to my next pair! I’m not quite sure what that will be yet though. I may invest in shoe lasts so that I can up my shoe making game!


Here I’m wearing them with my Winslow Culottes and my Rib Knit Nikko top! I love this combo!

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