Hi! I’m Bridgit!

I’ve been sewing since I was young – not sure how old! I made a dress that I wore to a dance in middle school though so definitely since before then! I loved sewing and creating when I was young and when I went to college I decided I wanted to major in Fashion Design. However, after one semester I decided to switch to a math major but I kept an Apparel Development minor.

After college I didn’t do a lot of sewing. A few years ago I discovered the on-line sewing community and that inspired me to get back in to sewing. Since then I’ve been just trying to learn as much as possible by sewing as many different types of garments as possible. I was working at a health care software company and sewing was my creative outlet.

In November of 2017 I quit my job and purchased a shoe repair shop. The woman who previously owned the shop trained me in shoe repair and now I fix shoes, zippers, purses, snaps, saddles, bags, etc for my day job but still try to find time for sewing garments for myself when I’m not at work!

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