Cascades Sweater

Two years ago I included the Cascades Sweater by Michelle Yang in my 2018 Make 9. I started it in 2018 and was determined to finish it in 2019 so I included it again in my 2019 make 9. I just barely got it completed in 2019!! I’m so excited to be finished with this sweater and I’ve been dreaming up what I’m going to knit next (hint: definitely not a sweater).


This is really the first sweater that I’ve knit (well… finished knitting). I made a giant oversized sweater coatigan thing and a sweater vest but never an actual sweater. I was a little worried about the fit but I’m really happy with how it turned out. I made the size 38, which may be a bit roomy in the shoulders. I maybe could have shortened the bodice by an inch or so but most of my sweaters are a bit long so it might feel weird to have it shorter.


Because it is a bit long I tried the front tuck which is supposed to make your legs look longer and I think it looks pretty good but I may play around with it a bit.

My parents actually had the yarn for this sweater spun for me from wool from alpaca and sheep on their farm. The sweater is really soft and beautiful and is this really lovely caramel color. There are a couple spots in the yarn that are a bit knobby but that is the beauty of handmade things. There are also definitely some spots in my knitting where I messed up but you don’t really notice them unless you are looking for them.


I spent way too long trying to knit the sleeves two at a time which I’m glad I did because I love knitting things two at a time but it definitely would have been faster and easier to knit them one at a time since I messed up so many times trying to figure out how to knit them two at a time. I really liked knitting the sweater in the round from the bottom up and then making the sleeves and joining everything. I don’t mind sewing the pieces together but it was really nice to have it all just knit together.


I started a sweater a while ago that I need to frog but definitely want to try again with that sweater eventually. Until I’m ready to do that I’m excited to knit up some hats and socks and maybe a scarf.

Bavarian Cable Socks

SURPRISE! Its not sewing! To be honest these socks took me a long time to finish – somewhere between 6 and 9 months… I haven’t really been keeping track but its been way too long. I have also been very busy with other things during this time and not ONLY working on these socks. This is the Bavarian Cable Socks pattern from Socks from the Toe Up. I used Malibrigo Yarn Sock in the Impressionist Sky colorway.


This pattern has you do a lot of knitting through the back loop and at one point I got confused about how to knit normally – you can see across the arch where my knit stitches are all messed up. I also messed up some of my counting on the heel resulting in a small hole. I thought about trying to sew it up but I’ve decided it isn’t bothering me that much.


While I love the finished product I’m not super in love with this book. The bind off instructions are “bind off loosely”. For a book specializing in toe up socks I would expect a stretchy bind off with instructions. If I’m investing in a book I want it to be a true reference. (I ended up using the Interlock Bindoff.)


I think that my next project will be a sweater but considering how long it took me to make these socks I think a sweater will take years. Right now I think I’m going to make the Brooklyn Tweed Cascades pattern. Thankfully I’ll be using a worsted weight yarn and not fingering weight yarn though. For now I’ll leave you with one more picture of these socks since it will probably be years before my next knitting project is finished!