Summer of Basics – Rumi Tank


I’m on a quest to make a tank top that finally actually fits me. I’m not quite there with this version but I’m really excited about this tank top! It may not seem like anything special but every single tank top I own does not fit me correctly. They all end up rolling up/ bunching up at my waist. Because I’m pair shaped, I buy tank tops that fit the top half of my body. However, they end up being too tight around my waist. At the beginning of the day the tank top stays in place. As I move around throughout the day the tank top shifts up and it just keeps shifting higher and higher until it is completely at my waist. This tank top does not do that!!!


I used the Christine Haynes Rumi Tank pattern. I graded out from a size 4 at the bust to a size 10 at the hips. I honestly feel like there may be too much fabric at the hips. I want it to lay a bit closer to my body so I can tuck it in to jeans and layer it without any bunching.


There is definitely something going on in the back. For my next version I think I’m going to try a sway back adjustment. I’ve never attempted to do this, especially on a t-shirt/tank top but I think it will solve the issue and it is an adjustment that I’ll need eventually so I might as well start with my next Rumi!