Sophie Swimsuit


I’ve been looking for an indie swimsuit pattern for a while but hadn’t found anything that I really loved. Then Closet Case Files came out with the Sophie Swimsuit and I knew it was the one. I love everything I’ve made by Closet Case Files and this make was no different. I also knew that if Heather can get me through making my first pair of jeans that I could trust her instructions to get me through my first swimsuit.


I also knew that gathering all the supplies would take a lot of time and since I didn’t really know what to look for I went for the swimsuit kit that was available as part of the swimsuit release.


When I ordered the swimsuit kit I was pretty confident that I was a size B but after actually measuring it turns out that I was a cup size 5. I followed the post by Cloth Habit on the Closet Case Files blog to fit the top.


For the bottoms I used the size 10 at the hip and then graded to a size 8 at the waist. I also shortened the bottoms by 1 inch (I’m around 5′ 1″).


I followed the instructions included with the pattern and it was pretty straight forward. Having never sewn swimwear or lingerie before it was a bit of an adjustment to get used to sewing the slippery fabric.


I did have to recut the swimsuit bottom lining bottoms after a little situation with the serger where I accidentally cut in to the swimsuit bottom… After recutting the bottom lining it was pretty much smooth sailing.



First Ever Jeans!

IMG_3931I finally finished my first ever pair of jeans! These are the Ginger Jeans by Closet Case Files. The fabric is an Italian stretch denim from GirlCharlee. I chose to start with the high waisted version with the skinny leg because I love the skinny jean and I also don’t have any high waisted jeans so I thought it would be a fun addition to my wardrobe.


I relied heavily on the Jeans Ebook that Heather released. I probably could have gotten by with just the build-along blog posts but I really liked having the PDF on my computer so I didn’t have to worry about which tabs in my browser I needed to keep open or switching between blog posts for different days of the sew along.


Once I based the pants together I fixed a couple of fit issues. I took some excess fabric off of the side seams and inseams. I took some extra fabric off of the side seams at the knee. I also pinned out some darts in the waistband and yoke to account for my sway back.


When I sewed the pieces together for real it felt like magic. Some how my topstitching lines pretty much matched up every time!


Let me start here by saying that I love my sewing machine. I’ve had it since I went to college and we’ve spent a lot of time together. It can do a lot of amazing things. Two things it really struggles with are bar tacks through more than 2 layers and button holes through any sort of bulk. I had to pick out a bar tack 3 times. If you’ve ever had to do this then you know that it is the absolute worst. Also – I’m pretty sure this ended up weakening my fabric instead of strengthening it…


When I tried the button hole with the automatic length sensor it felt the resistance from the bulk of the fabric and made the smallest possible button hole. To try to get this to make a button hole I did my best to press the fabric as flat as possible and also arrange the fabric in the sewing machine so the button hole starts with the thickest part and goes back to an area with less bulk. This ended up finally creating a successful button hole.


Then I made a huge mistake. I tried pulling the zipper teeth out with pliers but my pliers aren’t very good and it was very difficult. I thought that I had read somewhere that you could cut the zipper teeth off the zipper instead of using pliers. However, after I finished topstitching the waistband I tried on my jeans and went to zip them up and I zipped the slider right off of the zipper.


In order to fix this I slowly and carefully acted as a human slider to carefully line up the zipper teeth and close them together. Once I had done that I slid the zipper slider back on to the zipper and unzipped. I then tacked the zipper down to the zipper fly by sewing in between the top tooth and the second to top tooth. So far this has prevented any further fly mishaps.IMG_0335

I ended up raising my back pockets 1/2 inch though I might go a little higher next time. I’ve since read that other folks making these have pretty regularly taken their back pockets up 1 inch.


I then went to town on hammering in my button and rivets. This is a super fun step in the process but I’m glad I didn’t attempt this late at night since it is definitely a loud activity!


To be honest, I’m not really sure high waisted jeans really suit me or my style. Most of the ready to wear jeans that I own are low waisted, skinny jeans with topstitching that matches the denim. I like the more laid back and subtle style so I’m going to try the low waisted jeans with a more subtle top stitching thread for my next project. I’m still trying to figure out where the find hardware that is less shiny though. For now I’ll  be wearing these untucked for a more laid back look and occasionally tuck in when I want to make a statement.


As always, Toby was a super helper.


Black and White Striped Nettie Bodysuit

I’ve seen so many amazing versions of Closet Case Files’ Nettie Bodysuit that I knew I had to make one. Its not something I would have considered trying on in a store but after seeing everyone’s creations and how versatile they are I decided to go for it.


I had been searching for the right fabric for awhile. I knew I wanted a black and white stripes where the stripes aren’t the same size and where the stripes are fairly bold. This proved surprisingly difficult. When this fabric showed up at Mood I ordered it right away (good thing because it looks like it sold out pretty quickly).


I cut a size four at the bust and for the sleeves and graded out to a size eight at the waist and ten at the hips. I also shortened the front and back torso by two inches.


The bodysuit came together fairly quickly – just the shoulder seams, neck band, sleeves, side seams, leg bands, and snap crotch. None of the steps are particular tricky.


At first I wasn’t sure about the snap crotch but I figured it would be necessary since I wasn’t doing the low back option. I used the left over liberty fabric from my Deer and Doe Datura Blouse.

There is a little bit of extra fabric at the center back so I’d like to try is a swayback adjustment.



Carolyn PJs

The Carolyn Pajamas are Closet Case Files make. I love the style of the Closet Case Files patterns so I know this will be the first of many! I wanted some options so I decided to make the the short sleeve top and pants and the shorts.


I got the fabric from Hellgate fabrics. I love that the fabric is so happy and that it gives off Japanese vibes. I ended up having way more fabric than I needed. I think this is because I simply added the amount I needed for the pants to the amount needed for the short sleeve top and shorts combo. I also cut the pieces in a single layer which takes up way less fabric.


I made the piping from some Kona cotton and cord I got at Joann’s. First I made the fabric in to bias tape and then sewed the piping in place using the tutorial on Closet Case Files. It’s a little stiff (I think due to the cord I used) but I think it will soften up with wear. This was my first time using piping and it was pretty fun and actually easier than I thought. I love the end result! I did find stitching over two layers of piping to be very difficult (especially for the pocket). Next time I’m going to try cutting the cord out of the seam allowance so the piping isn’t doubled up there.


I french seamed all of my seams, which wasn’t hard but took a while, mostly due to the amount of ironing required, but I love having no exposed seams on the inside.


The Pants: I cut a straight size 8 for the pants. I shortened the pants pattern by 1 1/2″ but ended up shortening them an additional 2 3/5″.


The Shorts: I cut and sewed a straight size 8. I didn’t shorten them at all- they probably could be shorter but I actually like the length.


The Top: I cut a size 2 at the shoulders and graded out to a size 8 at the hips. The top looks a little long so if I make these again I’d shorten the top by an 1 or 2.


I’ll definitely make these again but I’m thinking a nice warm flannel for next time!