Jordy Bralettes

Its been a while since I made a bra and I wanted to try a soft bra pattern that I hadn’t tried before. I hadn’t used one of Emerald Erin’s patterns before but I really wanted to give the Jordy Bralette a try. This is something I included on my 2019 make 9 because I definitely wanted to try this pattern this year. I purchased two kits from Emerald Erin’s shop and I made up the nude lace version first. I wore that version for a couple of months to make sure the fit was right before making the black version.


This pattern is so simple – it is really just two pattern pieces for the sheer version plus some elastic… but it is so genius! I didn’t end up making any changes to my pattern from my first version to my second version. I think part of the beauty of this bra IS the simplicity. You can test the band elastic and easily adjust it if its a little off. I also love that the bra doesn’t come up too high. I made the watson bra a while back and I feel like it pops out the top of some of my lower cut shirts (which aren’t really that low cut).


I definitely want to try the foam version of this bra at some point. The bra tulle versions were perfect for summer but the foam version looks sooo comfortable. But for my next bra I want to try the Black Beauty bra from Emerald Erin. After making the Jordy I’m really excited to try another of her patterns!



If you haven’t tried bra making yet I’d definitely recommend this pattern! It comes together so quickly and you don’t need to worry about the underwire or sewing the cups in to a cradle which can be a little tricky.