Vernazza Swimsuit

Going to Hawaii was the perfect excuse to try sewing another swimsuit! I wanted to try a different pattern but I was a little frustrated with the lack of cute swimsuit patterns available. I previously made the Closet Case Patterns Sophie Swimsuit which I love. I just spent hours looking at different swimsuit patterns when Friday Pattern Company put a post on instagram that they were in the process of releasing a new swim suit pattern (the Vernazza two piece) – it seemed like fate!


I got all of my fabric and supplies from the fabric fairy. I absolutely love this fabric – it is a unique print and I’m always struggling to find floral knit fabrics that are realistic enough without being too cartoony, too cutesy or too feminine. I know – it isĀ  a pretty specific thing to want in a fabric but that is basically all I want in a fabric. With this fabric and white swimsuit lining this swimsuit fabric was opaque. I also added a layer of power mesh to help stabilize both the top and the bottom. I used quilting adhesive spray to temporarily attach my outer fabric to my powermesh and then I just followed the instructions, sewing the outer fabric/ powermesh as though it was one fabric. I also did add swim cups to the top for a little more modesty.


I struggled a bit with the fit in the top. I ended up taking 2 inches out of the shoulder straps after I had sewn everything together but I’m still not 100% happy with the shoulder straps. There is definitely extra fabric that gapes a little bit on the neckline. If I make this pattern again I’d definitely try to fix that.


Despite having so many issues with my attempts at making underwear I had no problems with the bottoms of this swimsuit! I did add swimsuit elastic to the waistband of these, which I think was necessary. I think I actually like these bottoms better than my Sophie bottoms. At some point in this trip wearing the Sophie bottoms felt a bit baggy and heavy in comparison. It is possible that I need to size down next time I make the Sophie but I also think having the extra seams in the bottoms does weigh it down a bit.


I also did mess up sewing the lining in the top back a little but I decided I was ok with it and not to fix it. If it looks like there is extra bagginess on the outer fabric of my top back that is entirely my fault and has nothing to do with the pattern drafting!


I actually really loved wearing this swimsuit on this trip. I was never worried about a wardrobe malfunction. I do think the high waisted bottoms are making me look a bit bottom heavy. It doesn’t help that I am a pear shape and made an XS top and M bottoms. Next time I might try making a regular style and high waisted style bottom so I have more options.