Red Flannel Archer

I wear my first flannel Archer all the time so I decided it was finally time for another one. I used the Archer Button Up Pattern by Grainline Studio. I’ve also made a flannel popover version and a chambray version but flannel button up version gets the most wear.


The fabric is a Robert Kaufman Harringbone flannel. It is a bit thicker than the other flannels I’ve used which will be perfect for Wisconsin Winter. I used the same modifications from my first version. The bust is a size 0 graded out to a size 6 at the hips. The arms are shortened by 1/2 inch.



This happens to be the second annual flannel archer photo shoot while apple picking. Hopefully this will be a yearly tradition since I can definitely see myself wanting a new flannel button up every year.




Tencel Chambray Alder Shirtdress

This is my third time making the Alder Shirtdress pattern by Grainline Studio. The first time was out of red cotton and the second time was a shirt version.


I got the fabric for this from Blackbird Fabrics. Its my first time using tencel and it was a bit more tricky than the cotton fabrics that I’ve used for this pattern before. This fabric is so soft and drapey – I really love it but it wrinkles quite a bit.


For a while I considered going up a size at the bust for this because with both my other versions the button at the bust can come undone if I’m wearing a cross body purse (which is the only kind of purse I wear). However, I did not end up going up a size on this and I haven’t had any issues so far. I’m thinking that might be either because my button holes are somehow better or because the fabric is a bit softer and gives a bit more easily. Either way I’m pretty happy that I did not go down a size.


I used the same pattern adjustments and construction as I did on my first Alder Shirtdress so there is really nothing new to report there.


I originally took blog photos for this dress at the Wisconsin State Capital (but ended up retaking them for obvious reasons). It happened to be a super windy day the first time I tried to photograph this make which helped show off the volume of the skirt!


Split Hem Hemlock Sweater Tee

I’ve made so many Grainline Studio patterns that at this point it seemed like a little ridiculous that I hadn’t tried the Hemlock Tee considering that it is a free pattern!


I did, however make a few changes to the pattern. I started by shortening the font and back pieces by 2 inches which is what I typically do for all of my tops (I’m 5′ 1 1/2″). I then followed the Grainline Studio tutorial on the split hem variation. I shortened the front an additional inch and I used an inch and a half hem line. I also lengthened the sleeves and tapered them in at the wrists.


I used a sweater knit which I got from the imagine gnats shop. I love the fabric but the strings do get caught in my cats claws and I have to pull the threads in again with a crochet hook.


I actually finished this project a while back and I’ve gotten a bunch of wear out of it. I’m wearing it here just with rtw jean shorts but I typically wear this with leggings in slightly cooler weather. I’m excited for fall so I can start wearing this more often again!


These photos were taken on a camping trip in Door County, WI. I love camping there and this year we had great weather. I particularly loved all of the tiny bright colored things.


Cropped Willow Dot Tank


This is my second version of the Grainline Studio Willow tank. My first version was made from a voile and was a non-cropped length, and I really like both versions. For this version I used dotted chambray from Robert Kaufman. I love this fabric and I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of this tank.


For this version I raised my bust darts a bit but I think they could be raised just a bit more. I also followed the Grainline tutorial on making a cropped version of the willow tank. I love the cropped length! I think it is so cute.


In addition to raising the bust darts a bit more on my next version I also might try a slight sway back adjustment. It really doesn’t bother me at all but the back is not laying quite right. I don’t think it will make too much of a difference because  the tank is already cropped but I do think it will help.


I’m also wearing my high waisted Ginger Jeans. I really like this combination but I honestly don’t know if I have a lot of other bottoms that would work well with this tank. Most of my other jeans are low rise. I could definitely wear this with a high waisted skirt, but a lot of my high waisted skirts not the right shape. Since the tank is pretty boxy I would want the skirt to add some shape.

Grainline Studio Farrow Dress


I made this Grainline Studio Farrow Dress out of this linen/cotton blend Robert Kaufman fabric. I love this dress for so many reasons. The slight high low hem is flattering without being overwhelming. The center front and back seams and the angled seams that conceal the pockets are just so good.


Originally I got this fabric to make a Deer and Doe Melilot Shirt, but once I got it I was worried that it was a bit too stiff/thick so I ended up changing my mind at the last minute. However, the Melilot requires less fabric so I had to really squeeze everything in. Since the fabric is the same on the front and the back I was able to get all of the main fabric pieces to line up. I also was able to get the facings out of this fabric but I had to add a center seam to my front neckline facing – that is how little fabric I had left over!


I love this linen/cotton blend. However, there is something about the texture of the fabric when it gets super wrinkly where it looks a bit like toilet paper that at some point was wet but has since dried up. However, I think as long as I take it out of the dryer right away and do some light ironing. I think over time this fabric will soften up also, which will help with the extreme wrinkliness that happens.


One issue that I’ve been having is that my back hook and eye come unhooked a bunch. I think I might switch out the eye to a smaller one.


Did I mention the pockets???

Little Triangle Willow Tank


I made this Willow Tank by Grainline Studio out of a voile fabric that I got from the Imagine Gnats shop. I used my typical adjustments that I make for all Grainline Studio patterns of grading to a larger size at the hips and shortening by two inches. However, I really don’t think I needed to grade out  to a larger size. It looks like there was enough built in ease in the style that I did not need additional ease for fit. Recently I feel like I’ve made this same mistake several times – one day I’m going to learn to look at the finished garment measurements and know how much ease I actually need for different types of garments so I can determine whether I actually need to grade out.


Next time will not grade out and I also would move the bust darts up a bit. As you can see they hit lower than my actual bust.


Other than that, I really like this tank for summer. It hangs away from the body and is pretty light weight. Part of the reason I wanted to make this project is because I had never worked with voile before so I wanted to get a better idea of what it is. It is slightly see through – you can definitely see where my jeans waistband is. However, it is super easy to work with. This particular fabric was not super soft but it also does not wrinkle as easily. Also, when I cut the pattern out the triangle print was slightly off grain which was so frustrating. I ended up deciding it was more important for the triangles to be parallel to the ground than for the grainline to line up. It would have bothered me so much to have the triangles slightly at an angle.


Low Rise Ginger Jeans and Speckled Lark


This is the low rise version of the Ginger Jeans pattern by Closet Case Files. I made my first pair of Ginger jeans about a year ago now. That time I made the high waisted version so I wanted to make the low rise ones this time. All of the other jeans I own are low or mid rise so I think these will be more my style. I’m also using a much darker denim this time around which matches more with what I typically wear. I think these are really going to be a staple in my wardrobe!


The fabric is cone mills dark indigo stretch denim that I ordered online from Fancy Tiger crafts a while ago. The fabric is a lot thicker than my last pair of jeans and this pair also has a lot better recovery than my last pair! I used this gray topstitching thread because I wanted a little more of a subtle look than traditional jeans topstitching. I think my next pair is going to be a slightly lighter indigo with traditional gold topstitching thread though.


I grade the pattern from a size 8 at the waist to a size 10 at the waist. I also shortened the legs by 1.5 inches. I went ahead and made a slight sway back adjustment to both the back yoke piece and the waistband piece. I am making view A for the low rise but I still want the skinny legs so I took 1/2 inch off of each side of the ankle, grading up to the knee.


These jeans fit pretty well but there are some more adjustments that I’ve made to my pattern for the next time:

  • Increased the amount of curve in the waistband and yoke to account for slight gaping.
  • Shortened the legs by 1 inch.
  • Shortened the crotch curve by 1/4 inch.

There is also some bagging at the knee that I haven’t decided how to remedy for my next pair.


As an added bonus I’m also wearing a Lark Tee by Grainline Studio. This may be my most worn t-shirt in my wardrobe. I just realized I finished this almost an entire year ago! I used a speckled jersey from Fancy Tiger. This time I made the scoop neck version with cap sleeves. Otherwise I used all of the same pattern modifications as my past versions. I think in the future I might try going up a size or doing some sort of wide shoulder adjustment since there isn’t quite enough room in the shoulders.