First Two Madalynne Soft Bras

I made two Madalynne bras! I don’t wear many soft bras normally so this is a little bit out of the norm for me but also fills a bit of a hole in my wardrobe.

The first bra I made was the Sierra (free pattern!). I used this amazing watermelon lace from Tailor Made that I completely love. The bottom of band hangs away from the body a bit so next time I might try adding some elastic to the bottom edge as well.

Then I made the halter version of the Simplicty 8228. I was excited to see this since I really love a similar Madalynne bra (the Edie Evelyn) that is just so pretty. I also got this as a kit with the lace, lining, elastic, and hook and eye from the Tailor Made shop.