Pooze Pouch aka Fanny Pack!

I would have never thought that I would make a fanny pack but when I saw fanny packs that my friend Maeve was making I was intrigued. I was pumped when she asked me to be a pattern tester for the Pooze Pouch!


I made the fanny pack out of a kid skin leather. Kid skin leather is very thin and thus fairly easy to work with. I made this entire fanny pack using my Kenmore sewing machine that my dad got for me before I went to college. There are certainly some spots where I struggled but overall my machine was able to handle it just fine. However, I will say that using leather for my first time making this pattern maybe wasn’t the best choice. It would have been a lot easier to be able to use pins on this pattern especially since this was my first fanny pack. The pattern says it is for “the adventurous sewer” and I’d agree with that. Making this fanny pack stretched my sewing brain more than any other project has in a long while. However, I have been struggling with fit lately on a couple garments in a row and it was so refreshing to not have to worry about fitting on this one!


I lined it with left over fabric from my Deer and Doe Melilot. This pattern is perfect for scrap busting! I just really love the Robert Kaufman dot chambray that I used for the lining so much that I almost wish that I used that for the outer instead of the leather. I think I may have enough left over for another Pooze Pouch though… The Pooze Pouch is fully lined. The way you line the bag is so smart because even though the bag is fully lined and all seams are enclosed, the lining is attached to the outer bag so the lining is stabilized.


Instead of getting a regular zipper I got zipper tape and sides to create my dream zipper. I used two slides for the main pocket for ease of access. I would not recommend doing this for your first time since my seam allowance of my zipper was different than what the pattern was drafted for and I had to make some adjustments when sewing in the zipper. However, I’m super happy with how my zipper came out!


I haven’t been wearing my Pooze Pouch much since its been pretty cold here until recently. I’m excited to wear this especially while walking my dog or going places where I want easy access to my things. However, part of me feels like I’m just not trendy enough to pull off wearing a fanny pack. It seems like wearing it as a cross body bag is pretty popular but I may have made my webbing a little too short… I like wearing it at my waist but it will take some getting used to.




Dopp Kit Christmas Present

For Christmas I made my boyfriend the Dopp Kit from the Grainline Studio Portside Travel Set. I used a waxed canvas for the top half and ticking fabric for the inside. I used leather for the bottom half. I bought 2 12″ by 12″ squares of leather off of Etsy. My pattern pieces just barely fit on to the squares and in fact the handle didn’t quite fit but since I ended up not sewing inside out I didn’t actually need the seam allowance for the handle.


For the most part I didn’t run in to too many issues. I used a leather needle on my machine and a walking foot for the leather. I ran in to two areas that I had trouble with. Sewing over the zipper was a bit difficult as was stitching around the bottom of the bag. I’d recommend leaving out the stitching around the bottom of the bag step if you are using leather. I ended up taking it to work and sewing it there. (Advertisement: If you are making this bag and you do run in to issues on your home sewing machine you can take it in to your local cobbler and have them finish up the stitching for you. They probably have gotten much much weirder requests.)


I think this is the perfect gift because even though most people have some sort of travel bag for their toiletries it probably isn’t a bag that they really love. You also don’t need the person’s measurements and you don’t need to worry about fit.