Jordy Bralettes

Its been a while since I made a bra and I wanted to try a soft bra pattern that I hadn’t tried before. I hadn’t used one of Emerald Erin’s patterns before but I really wanted to give the Jordy Bralette a try. This is something I included on my 2019 make 9 because I definitely wanted to try this pattern this year. I purchased two kits from Emerald Erin’s shop and I made up the nude lace version first. I wore that version for a couple of months to make sure the fit was right before making the black version.


This pattern is so simple – it is really just two pattern pieces for the sheer version plus some elastic… but it is so genius! I didn’t end up making any changes to my pattern from my first version to my second version. I think part of the beauty of this bra IS the simplicity. You can test the band elastic and easily adjust it if its a little off. I also love that the bra doesn’t come up too high. I made the watson bra a while back and I feel like it pops out the top of some of my lower cut shirts (which aren’t really that low cut).


I definitely want to try the foam version of this bra at some point. The bra tulle versions were perfect for summer but the foam version looks sooo comfortable. But for my next bra I want to try the Black Beauty bra from Emerald Erin. After making the Jordy I’m really excited to try another of her patterns!



If you haven’t tried bra making yet I’d definitely recommend this pattern! It comes together so quickly and you don’t need to worry about the underwire or sewing the cups in to a cradle which can be a little tricky.

Underthings Round Up

I’ve made a few undergarments and they were pretty quick to sew up and I don’t really want to dedicate a whole post to each of them but I did want to document what I’ve made since it was one of my goals in my 2018 sew 9 to make more underwear!

This is the Evie La Luve Bella Lace Panties pattern made with scraps left over from the Madalynne Halter Bra I made a while back. I haven’t actually worn them yet but they are pretty comfy when I tried them on.

This is the Evie La Luve Esme Panties made with scraps from my Grainline Studio Penny Raglan and a Harriet Bra. Again, I haven’t worn these for a full day yet but so far they seem much better than my previous failed attempt at the Frankie Panties.

I also finally made a Watson Bra by Cloth Habit out of scraps left over from my pleather Avery Leggings. I’m definitely going to make a few adjustments for the next time I make it but so far it is pretty comfortable and supportive. There is a bit of extra fabric above the boob and some gaping by the arm hole but those should be pretty easy to fix!


And if you want to know whether I am currently wearing my Watson Bra with my matching Avery Leggings… of course I am!! Unfortunately I’m not going to post pictures of  this amazing lounge outfit for you.

Another Harriet plus my first Undies

I got a bra and underwear kit from Tailor Made shop a while ago – probably over a year ago and I finally felt inspired to sew it up. I love the color gray and I really liked this kit because the lace is mostly gray but the touch of pink gives it a girly twist. I used my tried and true Harriet Bra pattern by Cloth Habit. For the panties pattern I had been hearing so many great things about the Frankie panties by Evie La Luve that I decided to give them a try.


I’ve made this bra so many times at this point there isn’t too much to say about it. I love it! Since my fit adjustments at camp the fit has been consistently perfect for me. For some reason though every time I make this bra I always have to do some seam ripping. All the little pieces and the shifty fabric always just gets me.



This was my first time sewing underwear and I was so excited because I’ve heard so many things about how underwear is quick and easy to whip up and I had also heard so many great things specifically about the Frankie Panties that I was feeling pretty confident. This may be a controversial statement but I really don’t love them.

My measurements put me at a size L. Typically I buy size S underwear but it would make sense that my measurements would put me at a larger size since the top half of me is generally size small and I’m a pear shape. I decided to stick with a size large and I was excited because maybe I’ve just been wearing the wrong size underwear?


The kit I had originally gotten came with picot elastic instead of fold over elastic or the elastic trim around the legs. It looks like the underwear kits today are a bit different than the one I got. I decided I really wanted lacy elastic and fold over elastic so I ordered some more from Tailor Made shop. I was so surprised when my lace elastic came and it matches my stretch elastic!

Since I placed the order I had to take a break in the middle of sewing these underwear so what other people describe as a quick and easy sew ended up taking me weeks – mostly because once I changed focus I got distracted and didn’t come back to them right away.

I was so excited when I finally put the lace elastic on because it just matches so well. Adding the elastic at the legs though did make things a little bit more girly than I had intended. This is not necessarily bad but it just doesn’t really feel like it suits me.


There are several issues with these underwear. They are a lot taller than most of my other underwear. Also the waistband is a bit loose. I’m guessing this is because of my pear shaped body and because I didn’t grade between sizes like I typically would have with another garment.

However the real problem is the extra fabric in the back. Because of my sway back the underwear come up much higher in the back than in the front and there is fabric pooling above my butt. No – I’m not going to post pics of this on the internet but let me tell you – it is NOT CUTE.

Many people have had success with this pattern. Most of the people I’ve seen rave about it are tall. Rachel from Maker Style has raved about it and has a self-proclaimed “Column-y body” so maybe this pattern just suits that body type better. I do like all of the options for lace and the different variations so it may be worth giving this pattern another try. If I did I would definitely do a sway back adjustment. I also would either size down to a medium or I would grade from a size medium at the waist to large at the hips. I also might try shortening it? Is anyone else so short they need to shorten their underwear patterns???

Orange Harriet

What more can I say about the Cloth Habit Harriet Bra that I haven’t already said? This is my sixth Harriet (two originals from Camp plus the trio that I just blogged about a couple of weeks back) and if I’m being honest it isn’t even my most recent one… so you have at least one more blog post to look forward to with this same pattern.


This one actually may be my favorite one though! This lace just really speaks to me and I loved every second of working with it. It is just so beautiful and delicate but also a interesting color. This is yet another kit from the Tailor Made Shop.


I really like this lace – its definitely more fun than the other bras I’ve made so far. The orange elastic adds a bit more fun quirk to this bra. Eventually I might try dying notions so that everything actually matches but for now I’ve been loving the contrasting elastic and straps.


On past bras I’ve struggled with the lace and lining shifting around and not lining up. On this one I basted the lace to the lining with spray glue after attaching all of the pieces of the cup so that everything stayed lined up. Things were still a little shifty but it definitely helped a lot.


Three More Harriets

I made my first two Harriet Bras at Camp workroom social a last year and about a month after that I went on a bit of a bra making binge. These bras have all been done for a while but I recently got a dress form so I was inspired to actually photograph and blog them! The pattern is the Harriet Bra by Cloth Habit. I had enough fabric left over from my bras I made at camp that I was pretty sure I could get another bra out of it. I ordered two findings kits along with some additional underwires from Bra Makers Supply.


Since my nude colored bra that I made previously was more of a muslin I decided to start with making a nude colored bra first. Cutting out and sewing seemed to go a lot faster when I had access to my own cutting mat/rotary cutter and sewing machine.


One adjustment that I did made to my pattern was to reduce the amount of depth on my right upper cup. While I was at camp I removed some of the width from the cup but this made it deeper, which I didn’t particularly like. I traced the curve of my left cup on to my right cup so that they are approximately the same. Reducing the depth meant that my seam was going to be shorter so I would have to adjust the lower cup as well. I ended up only taking about 1/8 inch off of the inner cup and everything worked out fine.


Other than that I just tried to recreate the steps that I had done at camp. I used my muslin as a reference and wrote down the steps I could remember. At some points I had to go back and add some steps that I forgot but otherwise it went fairly smoothly. The only snag I ran in to was near the end when I went to sew my straps on. The strap elastic from the kit was way too short – and then I remembered that the strap elastic that Bra Maker Supply gives is only enough for a certain kind of strap that is partially made of fabric. I ended up ordering more elastic from Tailor Made Shoppe and putting this bra on hold.


While I was waiting for my strap elastic to come I went ahead and made a second bra. For this one I used a kit from Tailor Made Shoppe that I had ordered on a whim previously. This was the first time following this pattern where I wasn’t using the exact supplies that we had used in class. I was a little nervous about how everything would turn out especially since I had modified the pattern and if the adjustment didn’t work then I would have two bras that would have the same issue.


The other issue was that because this lace is much stretchier than the duoplex I would need to line the cups. I cut the upper cup out of lace only but I cut the outer cup, inner cup, bridge, and frame out of both lace and bra lining. I actually cut two lining pieces for the bridge to add stability.


The main difference with the construction for this was that I wanted the seams to be completely concealed between the lining and the lace. That changed the order of what I was sewing but ended up being about the same amount of time as just sewing an unlined bra. I sewed the outer cups and inner cups together in the lace and the lining and then I sandwiched the upper cup between the lining and the lace lower cup. I used a similar method for assembling the cradle. In the end I’m really happy with the way this turned out and I’ve been wearing it a ton!


Then, a couple of weeks later I was in a slump after struggling with another project so I really wanted to make a pattern that I had already made and one that was relatively quick – so I decided to make another bra! I made this bra basically in the same way that I made the second bra – only this time I had actual instructions since the Harriet Pattern had been officially released. Turns out – I did the second one right!



This is another Harriet Bra by Cloth Habit and another kit from Tailor Made Shop. I love the way that navy looks with the magenta – especially the little picots sticking out at the bottom.