Hannah Dress

I made the Victory Patterns Hannah Dress this summer and I really love it so I’m going to post a lot of pictures.fullsizeoutput_169a

I got these two incredible linen fabrics from Stonemountain and Daughter when I was there over Thanksgiving last year. I’m so happy I got to go in person to pick out these fabrics so that I could be really sure that they matched.


It seemed like everyone loved this dress when it came out but when I saw Heather from Closet Case Patterns post her version I totally fell in love. I love the super bold floral that she used and I knew I wanted to make something similar. I spent over a year looking for fabric when I finally found this! I also included this in my 2018 make 9 because this was something I knew I definitely wanted to make this year.


This project was definitely challenging. I have made a couple of popover plackets before but this one is a hidden button one and there are just so many markings and things that need to line up in this pattern. The linen is a little bit of a looser weave and things shifted around a little bit but in the end I’m super happy with the result.


I mean just look at how beautiful this fabric is. I love this abstract floral pattern with these crazy back pleats.


Here is a picture of me wearing this dress with my hands not in the pockets. But woah those pockets are so great and just really magical.


I did muslin this dress in part because I wanted to practice everything and in part because I hadn’t made a Victory Patterns pattern before. I’m glad I did because when I muslined I made a size 2 and I also shortened the dress I think by 2 inches. Instead of using the lengthen/shorten line I also added two lines in the bodice to lengthen and shorten by because I think that I am very clever and I wanted the proportions to stay the same. However, I did not shorten the contrasting color back pleats and it ended up being a little bunchy and weird. The dress was also just a smidge tight so I ended up going up to a size 4 and not shortening at all!


I took these pictures with my tripod and a remote so I had no idea that my head was completely cut off in this one but since it is lets just take a minute to fully appreciate that hem. Its amazing.


Tropical Ogden Cami Dress

I made this dress using the Ogden Cami from True Bias. I followed this tutorial on her blog to make the dress version. The fabric is from Indie Sew but unfortunately it looks like it is out of stock/ discontinued. I actually really liked working with this fabric. Because it is a rayon crepe it is super drape-y but not quite a slippery as other rayons. It is pretty thin while still being opaque enough to make an unlined dress.


In these pictures I’m wearing the dress with a belt to create a little more waist definition but I can definitely see myself wearing the dress both with and without a belt this summer. This dress is one of the most comfortable things I’ve ever worn!


Per usual I love the back of the ogden cami and in this super soft drape-y fabric I love it even more! If you want to see my previous ogden cami makes you can check out my Black and White Ogden Cami as well as my post on three other Ogden Camis I made using scraps leftover from other projects.




Photos by my friend Cora!

Tencel Chambray Alder Shirtdress

This is my third time making the Alder Shirtdress pattern by Grainline Studio. The first time was out of red cotton and the second time was a shirt version.


I got the fabric for this from Blackbird Fabrics. Its my first time using tencel and it was a bit more tricky than the cotton fabrics that I’ve used for this pattern before. This fabric is so soft and drapey – I really love it but it wrinkles quite a bit.


For a while I considered going up a size at the bust for this because with both my other versions the button at the bust can come undone if I’m wearing a cross body purse (which is the only kind of purse I wear). However, I did not end up going up a size on this and I haven’t had any issues so far. I’m thinking that might be either because my button holes are somehow better or because the fabric is a bit softer and gives a bit more easily. Either way I’m pretty happy that I did not go down a size.


I used the same pattern adjustments and construction as I did on my first Alder Shirtdress so there is really nothing new to report there.


I originally took blog photos for this dress at the Wisconsin State Capital (but ended up retaking them for obvious reasons). It happened to be a super windy day the first time I tried to photograph this make which helped show off the volume of the skirt!


Santa Fe Dress hack!


This is my first time making a Hey June pattern. This is the Santa Fe Top lengthened to be a dress. I feel like I’ve seen tons of swingy tank-dresses this summer and they always look cute and stylish but also seemed like they would be super comfortable. I used view B of the pattern and lengthened it by 11 inches.


I love the way it turned out! It ended up being the perfect dress to be able to throw on and have it look cute but still be super comfortable. I also think the seams in the center front and back add a bit of visual interest to this otherwise very simple dress. I’d definitely make this pattern again and there are so many variations so it is a very versitile pattern.


Overall, I think this was a super fun and quick project to put together. I struggled a bit with the neckline binding – you can see that around the neckline does lay quite right. I’m not sure if that is due to the stretchiness/ lack of stretchiness of my fabric or how to prevent that in the future. I’d also used used my normal sewing machine with a straight stitch for the hem and I’d probably go for the coverstitch machine next time around. The instructions had you just use a straight stitch so I was hoping I could get away with not having to thread my coverstitch machine but next time around I think it would be worth it just to get a little bit smoother of a hem.

Grainline Studio Farrow Dress


I made this Grainline Studio Farrow Dress out of this linen/cotton blend Robert Kaufman fabric. I love this dress for so many reasons. The slight high low hem is flattering without being overwhelming. The center front and back seams and the angled seams that conceal the pockets are just so good.


Originally I got this fabric to make a Deer and Doe Melilot Shirt, but once I got it I was worried that it was a bit too stiff/thick so I ended up changing my mind at the last minute. However, the Melilot requires less fabric so I had to really squeeze everything in. Since the fabric is the same on the front and the back I was able to get all of the main fabric pieces to line up. I also was able to get the facings out of this fabric but I had to add a center seam to my front neckline facing – that is how little fabric I had left over!


I love this linen/cotton blend. However, there is something about the texture of the fabric when it gets super wrinkly where it looks a bit like toilet paper that at some point was wet but has since dried up. However, I think as long as I take it out of the dryer right away and do some light ironing. I think over time this fabric will soften up also, which will help with the extreme wrinkliness that happens.


One issue that I’ve been having is that my back hook and eye come unhooked a bunch. I think I might switch out the eye to a smaller one.


Did I mention the pockets???

Kalle Shirtdress


IMG_5281.jpgI made the newest pattern by Closet Case Files – the Kalle Shirtdress. The fabric is an amazing viscose poplin that I got from Blackbird fabrics (sadly sold out). I graded out this pattern from a size 2 at the bust to a size 10 at the hips but other than that I did not make any pattern adjustments. I typically also shorten by 2 inches at least but for this I decided not to because the side comes up quite a bit and I wanted to make sure my legs were covered enough. Next time I’ll definitely shorten though, but I may decide to bring the side curve down a bit. You can see a good amount of thigh here – I’m not sure I’m brave enough to show two more inches.


I tried hard to pattern match on this one and while it isn’t perfect by any means, I am really happy with the outcome. Because this fabric is relatively shifty  it was difficult to keep things lined up when cutting it out. Check it out!!!


I tried to match across the button band as well as the pocket. You can tell that the pocket is not quite in the right place because I really was so excited about my pattern matching. I guess I could have recut the pocket so it was in the right place and also pattern matched but that didn’t really seem like fun.


I didn’t bother matching the front/back sides or the yoke/ back since there was no way I’d get those to line up. While I was making this  but before I put the collar on I was worried that it would look like a mumu. Since there was nothing breaking up the pattern and due to the general shape of the garment the print ended up being a little overwhelming. Adding the collar and buttons definitely helped give this dress more interest and structure so I don’t think it looks like a mumu anymore! However – it did make me think that maybe sometimes pattern matching isn’t such a great idea…


I took these pictures while camping at Harrington Beach State Park, which is on Lake Michigan in Wisconsin. It was so beautiful there but super hot this past weekend. This dress really was great to wear because the fabric hangs pretty far away from your body so it really keeps you cool.