Sew Over It Tulip Skirts

I was really drawn to the Sew Over it London tulip skirt when it first came out. I love the shape of the skirt and it is a pretty fun and quick make – so I made two!


I got this red twill from Mood. The fabric isn’t quite as drapey as I had hoped – It is a little more structured than I had in mind. I love the color – I’m really in to it being the actual color of a tulip. I wanted to line this skirt so that I could wear it with tights without any cling issues.


I also left out the pockets on this version since I was adding the lining and I wanted to reduce the complexity.


Since the skirt came out I saw Lisa’s Ikat version of this skirt I’ve been wanting to make one myself. I used an Ikat from Fancy Tiger Crafts. I took these pictures on the way home from work so it is a little wrinkly but that is a more accurate representation of how it would look.


One thing that I that I learned from the first┬áskirt is to grade the waist seam and clip around to create less bulk at that seam and let it lie a little flatter. The waistband on the first skirt is a little tight and doesn’t lay quite right. I didn’t make any adjustments to the pattern pieces on this version but grading and clipping made a huge difference.