The Search for Undies continues…

Last time I tried to make underwear it did not go well. I had underwear on my list for my 2018 make 9 because I really want to be able to wear an entirely me-made outfit. It is crazy that I’ve made many bras and pairs of jeans that I wear constantly but still haven’t made a pair of underwear that fits. This time around I tried the Watson Bikini pattern by Cloth Habit using fabric scraps left over from my yoga cloth Avery Leggings. I used picot elastic left over from some bra kits.


Overall this is a huge improvement from my last attempt. However, there is still some extra fabric in the back, giving them some granny panties vibes. I’m not sure if this is just a sizing issue or a sway back issue or a combination. I take my hip measurement slightly below where my hips meet my torso because that is the widest part of my body.However, my underwear don’t need to fit my thighs. Next time I’m going to use a measurement from higher up to figure out my size.


I don’t think I’m going to make a sway back adjustment just yet though because I’m hoping that will get me a little closer to a better fit. I think I’ll try this pattern again in a smaller size but if that doesn’t work I might try a different style. I’m hoping that I won’t have as much of an issue from the sway back with a hipster version.