Pooze Pouch aka Fanny Pack!

I would have never thought that I would make a fanny pack but when I saw fanny packs that my friend Maeve was making I was intrigued. I was pumped when she asked me to be a pattern tester for the Pooze Pouch!


I made the fanny pack out of a kid skin leather. Kid skin leather is very thin and thus fairly easy to work with. I made this entire fanny pack using my Kenmore sewing machine that my dad got for me before I went to college. There are certainly some spots where I struggled but overall my machine was able to handle it just fine. However, I will say that using leather for my first time making this pattern maybe wasn’t the best choice. It would have been a lot easier to be able to use pins on this pattern especially since this was my first fanny pack. The pattern says it is for “the adventurous sewer” and I’d agree with that. Making this fanny pack stretched my sewing brain more than any other project has in a long while. However, I have been struggling with fit lately on a couple garments in a row and it was so refreshing to not have to worry about fitting on this one!


I lined it with left over fabric from my Deer and Doe Melilot. This pattern is perfect for scrap busting! I just really love the Robert Kaufman dot chambray that I used for the lining so much that I almost wish that I used that for the outer instead of the leather. I think I may have enough left over for another Pooze Pouch though… The Pooze Pouch is fully lined. The way you line the bag is so smart because even though the bag is fully lined and all seams are enclosed, the lining is attached to the outer bag so the lining is stabilized.


Instead of getting a regular zipper I got zipper tape and sides to create my dream zipper. I used two slides for the main pocket for ease of access. I would not recommend doing this for your first time since my seam allowance of my zipper was different than what the pattern was drafted for and I had to make some adjustments when sewing in the zipper. However, I’m super happy with how my zipper came out!


I haven’t been wearing my Pooze Pouch much since its been pretty cold here until recently. I’m excited to wear this especially while walking my dog or going places where I want easy access to my things. However, part of me feels like I’m just not trendy enough to pull off wearing a fanny pack. It seems like wearing it as a cross body bag is pretty popular but I may have made my webbing a little too short… I like wearing it at my waist but it will take some getting used to.





Chambray Kalle Tunic

I’ve made two other versions of the Kalle Shirtdress by Closet Case Patterns but this is my first time making the tunic version. I really love both the dress version and the shirt version that I’ve made and I thought the tunic version would be perfect to throw on over leggings. Its super easy to wear and very comfortable.


I honestly love making the Kalle. The instructions are great! The drafting is great! Its easy to fit! I’m especially proud of my pop-over placket on this one.


I also love the dramatic high low hem. The tunic and shirtdress both have a bias tape hem finish which helps the hem lay flat. I really love the end result and have started adding this to other button up shirts.


I also really love this fabric. It is a chambray shirting that I got a while back while I was in NYC for Camp Workroom Social. It presses really nicely and doesn’t get super wrinkly throughout the day.


I also love the box pleat at the back. I feel like I’ll get the most wear out of this tunic in the fall when I can layer it with leggings and cardigans. I wore my dress version of the Kalle a lot last Summer and I may end up making another one just to have another one to wear!


Moon Dust Talvikki

One of my favorite makes from this winter was the Talvikki Sweater by Named Clothing. This is my first time making a pattern by Named although I’ve had the Inari Dress pattern for forever and never ended up making it.


There are a couple of details that this pattern has that I’m obsessed with. The main one is the back hem. You may have noticed that I love a split hem but I never realized what I was missing out on with this slightly curved back hem. While I was sewing this up I was just amazed by the slight curve on the back hem and how little details like that really make a garment special.


I also love the turtleneck. I am not super in to turtlenecks so I like that the band sits further away from you neck. I love the darts that shape the collar – such a fun detail!! I love that this sweatshirt is so easy to throw on but I still feel trendy and cool when I’m wearing it because of all of the thoughtful details.


The fabric I used is the Moon Dust Double Knit in Navy with Pink Speckle from blackbird fabrics. The fabric is a wool blend with a polyester backing so it is warm without having the itchy wool against your skin. The backing of the fabric is black. It seems like the Talvikki is meant to have the sleeves rolled up, which doesn’t really work with the black backing on this fabric. Instead I slimmed down the sleeves significantly so that they aren’t getting in the way.


I’m also wearing my third pair of Avery Leggings by Helen’s Closet. They aren’t that interesting in these pictures but I’m going to get so much wear out of them and they are so comfy!

Split Hem Linden Sweatshirt


I got this amazing quilted knit fabric about a year and a half ago in the garment district in NYC. I used the Linden Sweatshirt pattern by Grainline Studio. I’ve made this pattern in the past twice – a black and white version with a split hem band and a cropped tropical version. It had been a long time since I made either of those and I forgot how much I like this pattern. It sews up super quickly and I absolutely love the way that all of my versions have turned out. My past two versions were made of fabrics that … I probably wouldn’t use again… I chose them more for the print/pattern than for the feel of the fabrics. But I still wear both of those sweatshirts all of time!


I altered the pattern to have a split hem. I essentially just lengthened both the front and back pieces by different amounts. After I sewed the sleeves to the front and back pieces I finished the edges of the under arm/body pieces separately. I could then sew from the wrist up to the armpit and back down, stopping at the point I wanted my vent to start. I then hemmed the rest of the top, pivoting at the vents to sew the seam allowance down around both vents. I also lengthened the sleeves and omitted the cuffs on the sleeves. If I was going to make this again I would keep the cuffs because the seam on the sleeves is a little bulky and the hem cuff would at least contain the seam allowances at the wrists.


The split goes pretty high and the back is a lot longer than a typical sweatshirt. I really like having the top lengthened because I like the drama of it and it makes it feel extra cosy.


In the future I think I’d make a version out of a bamboo terry or a fabric that is a little softer since I think I would wear it so much. This version is super cosy and I love it but its a little bulky so its a little harder to wear.

2019 Make 9

I’m so late to posting the top 9 things I want to make in 2019 – its not a good sign that I’ll actually get these things done in 2019. I really loved having my make 9 list last year because I think it really helped me to focus on some things that I had been wanting to make for a while.

In 2019 I want to get out of my comfort zone a little bit. I want to make patterns from companies I’ve never used before. I want to make garments that are a different style than I normally where. And most importantly I want to push myself to try making things that I don’t know how to make.


Burnside Bibs by Sew House Seven – Last year at some point I just became obsessed with the idea of light pink Burnside Bibs. I bought the fabric and the pattern but I have yet to make them. I’m still super excited about them and really want to make them this year.

Sew Over It Eve Dress – I made this dress last year for my mom to wear to her high school reunion and it looked amazing on her. I am going to a wedding later this year and I want to make one of these to wear.

Emerald Erin Jordy Bralette – I really enjoy making bras and want to try a different pattern. I got a kit to make one of these and I’m excited to try this pattern.

Sandals – This doesn’t really have a pattern but I figure that I have all the supplies I need to make sandals at my Shoe Repair Shop and I think making sandals would teach me a lot. I Can Make Shoes has an e-Course that seems like a good place to start.

How to make sandals 3

Self Drafted Pattern – I’m not really sure what this will look like but I took flat pattern classes and draping classes in college and I want to be able to use those skills. For a long time I’ve been telling myself that I’m not creative enough/ not as creative as the indie pattern designers making patterns but recently I’ve been feeling like part of the reason why I don’t feel creative is because its not something that I’m practicing.

Wrap Jumpsuit – I feel like I’ve been waiting for someone to release a wrap jumpsuit pattern but it hasn’t happened yet. Luckily there are a couple of people out there who have hacked their own and I’m hoping to follow in their footsteps. Thread Snips has a great post on her wrap jumpsuit and how you could hack the free Peppermint Magazine jumpsuit pattern.

A pattern that comes out this year – I still want to be able to be spontaneous in my sewing so I want to leave some room to sew something new as soon as it comes out. I’m excited to see what patterns get released this year!

Finish knitting the sweater from my 2018 make 9 – I really want to finish this year. I made pretty good progress on the body of the sweater last year and I need to start the sleeves. This is the Cascades Pattern by Michelle Wang.


Chalk and Notch Fringe Dress – I love every Fringe dress I see other people make and I think its just time for me to make my own already.


Hannah Dress

I made the Victory Patterns Hannah Dress this summer and I really love it so I’m going to post a lot of pictures.fullsizeoutput_169a

I got these two incredible linen fabrics from Stonemountain and Daughter when I was there over Thanksgiving last year. I’m so happy I got to go in person to pick out these fabrics so that I could be really sure that they matched.


It seemed like everyone loved this dress when it came out but when I saw Heather from Closet Case Patterns post her version I totally fell in love. I love the super bold floral that she used and I knew I wanted to make something similar. I spent over a year looking for fabric when I finally found this! I also included this in my 2018 make 9 because this was something I knew I definitely wanted to make this year.


This project was definitely challenging. I have made a couple of popover plackets before but this one is a hidden button one and there are just so many markings and things that need to line up in this pattern. The linen is a little bit of a looser weave and things shifted around a little bit but in the end I’m super happy with the result.


I mean just look at how beautiful this fabric is. I love this abstract floral pattern with these crazy back pleats.


Here is a picture of me wearing this dress with my hands not in the pockets. But woah those pockets are so great and just really magical.


I did muslin this dress in part because I wanted to practice everything and in part because I hadn’t made a Victory Patterns pattern before. I’m glad I did because when I muslined I made a size 2 and I also shortened the dress I think by 2 inches. Instead of using the lengthen/shorten line I also added two lines in the bodice to lengthen and shorten by because I think that I am very clever and I wanted the proportions to stay the same. However, I did not shorten the contrasting color back pleats and it ended up being a little bunchy and weird. The dress was also just a smidge tight so I ended up going up to a size 4 and not shortening at all!


I took these pictures with my tripod and a remote so I had no idea that my head was completely cut off in this one but since it is lets just take a minute to fully appreciate that hem. Its amazing.

Long Sleeve Double Gauze Hadley

fullsizeoutput_1647This is my first time making the Grainline Studio Hadley top. I made view A for this version using a Kokka double gauze fabric I got from Fancy Tiger. I made a straight size 2 and I shortened it by 1 inch. other than that I didn’t make any adjustments. (Clearly I finished this top a while back and took photos a while back since this is not what Wisconsin looks like right now!)


I’m wearing this with my Lander shorts which I wore multiple times a week every week this summer. Maybe now that its cold out I should make some Lander pants?


I love the back hemline and I’ve been super in to hem facings lately. I enjoy sewing them mostly but I also like the structure it provides. I think I’ve been sewing more of them lately because I’ve been making shirts with more dramatic hems. This shirt definitely has a lot of drama in the back – there is a lot of fabric back there. I like the shape but I worry that it is a little overwhelming. Normally I grade out at the hips because I’m pear shaped but I didn’t do that with this pattern because there is already so much fabric there.


My main issue with this shirt is with the hook and eye closure – I can never get it to stay closed. I have this same problem on my Grainline Studio Farrow dress and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong… Do I need a narrow shoulder adjustment or something so the back of my shirt moves around less? Or should I just switch to a button and loop? I really don’t know so for now I’ll just be re-hooking multiple times a day.